Art Director

So you say you’re an Art Director? Wonderful. Here’s what makes our Art Directors so special. If you think this is you, let’s talk.

Our Art Directors are nasty with The Photoshop. They take pleasure in drop shadows that look real, and obsess over typography. Some even create their own typefaces. They know logos don’t come easy. They might even be able to edit a video in Premiere. They certainly know how to make a GIF but know that GIFs are overplayed. They value Copywriters who equally obsess over typography. They come to the table with ideas. They defend ideas. They can present ideas — even other people’s ideas. And they know when to walk away from ideas, because there’s always another idea. And if an idea comes from a Planner, they say, “Thank you, my fine Planner,” and give credit where it’s due. Then they make that idea come to life. They know when to take a break, when to go to the movies, when to explore other things. And when it’s time to get back into the grind. We don’t have a pingpong table, but we do have a bocce court. Like, a legit one. And most of our Art Directors are pretty good at that, too.

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