The Power of Social Media

Social Media DemographicsWe recently conducted a Facebook promotion for a client in which we offered the the first 100 fans to respond a coupon.

We offered it at a surprise time in the middle of the day.

The coupons were gone in 30 seconds.

Sometimes it’s hard to digest the meaning of numbers. Our client has hundreds of thousands of fans, and we understood that.

But jamming our fingers into the dike last week, we felt what that meant.

Via Mashable, a great infographic on the amazing numbers in social media.

  • More than half of Americans over 12 years old have at least one social media profile
  • Four out of ten Americans on social media platforms identified as frequent users follow a brand, service or product
  • 70 percent of the 149 million Americans on Facebook log in daily
  • 38 million American adults say their purchase decisions are influenced in various ways by social media


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