Social Media Issues, Establishing A Brand Voice

Why do social media firestorms continue to happen years after most brands have adopted and hopefully begun to learn from the mistakes of others? I would argue that brands are finding new ways to mess up — beyond the early mistakes of handing the reins to “digital natives” who have zero experience in marketing but have been surrounded by social media for most of their formative years.

Now, mistakes are due to problems like outsourcing your social media efforts to other countries (an issue that recently came to light with Celeb Boutique). Celeb Boutique’s Twitter account is managed by a team outside of the U.S., so when the hashtag #Aurora began trending, the team didn’t connect it with the tragic shooting in Colorado and tried to promote its Aurora dress by playing into the hashtag. Needless to say, that did not go over well. This outsourcing problem has become possible because in many cases social media has become formulaic, with people strictly following the rules (trying to avoid mistakes), but as a byproduct creating a stale or distant brand voice.

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