Why Your Company Should Celebrate More

Work isn’t always a good time. That’s why we’ve got to celebrate when we can. You may “woohoo” at your own discretion.

Growing up in New England, I tended to maintain a pretty good work ethic. If there was work to be done, I did it. And as I entered the workforce, year after year, life got busier and more jam-packed with obligations and responsibilities. And yet, it occurred to me this past week that not celebrating the wonders of the work that we do is truly a missed opportunity.

It’s critical to take time to celebrate the accomplishments–both big and small–within an organization. I know that margin pressures and deadlines don’t make this as simple as we would like, but it is nonetheless imperative. If you have a culture that understands how to celebrate its successes, people will remain motivated, achievements will be valued more completely, and deeper relationships will be forged within the group. Plus, it beats the hell out of doing your time sheet.

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