Brand Endearment: Why Super Bowl Ads Aren’t Dead Yet


My latest piece for Fast Company, “Brand Endearment: Why Super Bowl Ads Aren’t Dead Yet”, was published yesterday:


“There is an old truism in the sales profession—people buy from people they like. The same goes for brands. Being “liked” is certainly not the only reason people buy your product or service, but it’s the foundation of a strong and lasting relationship and something that needs to be nurtured and developed. There are certain times when a brand should be “selling,” and there are other times a brand should be building that deeper emotional bond–something I call brand endearment.

The Super Bowl is certainly one of those times. Super Bowl advertisements have become their own form of entertainment, and as such play by a completely different set of rules. Ads shouldn’t be in hard sales mode, they should be trying to build greater brand endearment. As the world quiets down to actually watch a Super Bowl commercial, they are expecting to be entertained, moved, inspired, or made to howl. Beware to advertisers who don’t understand these rules–they’ll wake up Monday morning with a multi-million-dollar case of buyer’s remorse.”

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