7 Ways Daring Brands Walk The Line

My latest piece for Fast Company, “7 Ways Daring Brands Walk The Line”, was published today:

“People want to feel alive. We want to have new experiences and see things that surprise, inspire, or yes, even shock us a little. But we live in an Internet-exposed world that gives us all we want, raw and in real time, and we have an ‘I’ve seen it all before’ attitude about everything. Yet companies are more cautious in this politically correct, overly litigious, and socially enabled environment. According to Trendwatching.com, consumers are ‘able to handle much more honest conversations, more daring innovations, more quirky flavors, more risqué experiences–these consumers increasingly appreciate brands that push the boundaries.’ So companies had better figure out how to let their brands thrive in today’s world.

“Just where is that boundary, and just how daring are today’s marketers? How do they straddle that fine line between engaging and offending? What happens when the unreasonable objections of rampant political correctness threaten to stifle their best ideas and creative content? …”

Read the rest on Fast Company for some guideposts to follow when trying to break through.

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