A Different Kind of Resolution: the Re-resolution.

As this year ends, the ritual of making new resolutions comes to mind. Like just about all of us, I have always tried to think about what new goals and ways of behaving just might work to make me a better person. Fat chance. These good intentions often end up not sticking. Perhaps because they aren’t based on core beliefs. Which led me to think that maybe recommitting to the beliefs and behaviors we hold most deeply would be a more productive New Year’s ritual. The re-resolution. I recently had to develop a TEDx talk. Making one of those talks forces you to hone your topic into a tight, roughly 15-minute presentation. Anything superfluous has to go. You need to get your ideas as concise as possible, which means you have to focus on the things you truly believe in. This was an amazing exercise for me because it reminded me of what I hold most dearly in my professional life. Things like being more open to exploration, fighting for diversity of thought, and finding ways to erase fear in others so new ideas can be tried. This experience reminded me of the things I trust most deeply and has brought them to life more every day since my presentation a couple of months ago. Taking the time to articulate beliefs so precisely is like practicing an instrument you used to play years ago. It comes back to you quickly and improves your performance immediately. So perhaps this year, instead of adding new resolutions to the long list of things you should do, try to spend more time doing the things you know are most important. Find some quiet time this week and write the few principles that embody what fulfills and inspires you. Think about the times you brought those ideals to life. As you enter the new year, those beliefs will be more vivid in your mind and you will act on them throughout the year with more conviction than your short-term hopes to eat better, exercise more and lose a few pounds.
Posted on 12.30.2013 | By The VIA Agency | From John's Blog

John's Blog

Posted on 12.23.2013

Dreaming 101

For our company holiday card this year our agency took a different approach. We compiled an album of six original holiday songs, all written and performed by associates. But that was not the “different” part — it was the fact that we simultaneously launched a campaign to, in some way, convince David Bowie to perform ...

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Greg's Blog

Posted on 12.12.2012

'Tis the Season: My Predictions for 2013

Heading into the new year, 2013 holds the promise of a return to optimism. I think we will see some dynamic shifts in content development and distribution as the seeds of media fragmentation continue to be sowed. Entertainment companies (and advertisers) will finally have to address the thorny issues that the publishing, music and photography ...

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Burf's Blog

Posted on 8.8.2012


“The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry.” Funny how a line from a 1994 movie that’s set in 1954 rings so true in 2012. If you don’t recognize it, it’s how Brooks in The Shawshank Redemption described life on the outside after fifty years in prison. Right before he hanged himself. The cultural ...

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Tim's Blog

Posted on 2.28.2014

Saving the ACA Website

Nice article about the efforts to salvage the ACA Website. Anyone who's ever been involved in a "technology death march" can relate to the description of the project (and probably shudder while reading about it). It helps when you can call on the industry's top technical people to bail you out. Time: Had the Obama team brought in its ...

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VIA News

Posted on 8.22.2011

VIA's SXSW Proposals

The VIA Agency is (hopefully) going to South By Southwest this spring! VIA proposed two panels to SXSW Interactive, and we're pretty excited about them. "Crowding Out the Experts—Social Taste Formation" features David Goodman and Greil Marcus. Goodman is the president of CBS Interactive Music Group and Last.fm. Marcus is an esteemed author and critic who ...

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